Mary Olive Butters1

b. 13 December 1913, d. between October 1970 and December 1970
  • Birth*: Mary Olive Butters was born on 13 December 1913 at Prestwich, Lancashire.1,2,3
  • Married Name: As of between January 1932 and March 1932,her married name was Hinchcliffe.4
  • Marriage*: She married Stanley Hinchcliffe between January 1932 and March 1932 at Manchester, Lancashire.4
  • 1939 Register*: Mary Olive Butters appeared in the 1939 Register at 45 Wellington Avenue, Sidcup, KentG.2
  • Occupation*: She was a stewardess at a golf club on 29 September 1939 at Sidcup.2
  • Married Name: As of between January 1948 and March 1948,her married name was Iddison.1
  • Marriage*: She married Alfred Iddison, son of Peter Seaton Iddeson and Alice Howe, between January 1948 and March 1948.1
  • Married Name: As of between April 1968 and June 1968,her married name was Mahoney.5
  • Marriage*: Mary Olive Butters married Joseph Mahoney between April 1968 and June 1968 at Bexley, London.5
  • Death*: Mary Olive Butters died between October 1970 and December 1970 at Greenwich, London.6

Family: Mary Olive Butters and Alfred Iddison


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