Dorothy Iddison1

b. before 10 December 1600, d. between 1 December 1600 and 10 December 1600


  1. [S225] Online - Transcript, Coniscliffe, 1590-1812 "Parish of Coniscliffe, Durham. Register of Burials. Page 82.

    Aug. 7. [blank] Ridley, widow.
    Nov. 24. Nicholas, s. Wm. Branson.
    Mar. 17. The mother of Robt. Harrison, Ulnabie.
    April 8. Richard , s. John Wade.
    May 10. Robert Barker , Conscliffe.
    ...... Joane Thompson , Mr. Salkeld's servt ., was bur. about the begining of Lent.

    ...... John Andrson, Consley, was bur. on Whit-Sunday.
    June 22. Isabell Greveson.
    Sept. 3. Lancelot, s. Brian Thrinkeld.
    Dec. 13. Samuel Frankland.
    Jan. 14. Widow Burden, Ounbie.

    April 3. Widow Duning, Upp Coniscliffe.
    May 1. Hester, d. Cuthbert Thompson.
    May 19. George Worthy.
    Nov. 6. Elisabeth, wife of Marmaduke Duning.
    Jan. 2. Anne Shalter, widow.

    July 28. Nicholas Etherington.
    Jan. 9. Anne, wife of Peter Busbie.

    Feb. 9. Catharine Phase.
    July 10. Margaret, d. John Gibson.
    Dec. 10. Dorothy, d. George Iddison. He had alsoe another daughter that dyed psently after she was borne, unbaptisd and buried the 14th Dec. in the same yeare.
    Dec. 17. Jane, wife of George Iddison.
    Feb. 21. Katharine, wife of Richard Dawton, Carlbury.
    Mar. 6. Joan, d. Richard Hobson.
    Mar. 10. [blank], s. John Gibson.

    Mar. 27. [blank], d. John Robinson, Carlbury.
    May 25. The wife of [blank] jobber.
    Oct. 1. [blank], s. John Harrison, Nether Coniscliffe,
    Oct. 20. Jane Teisdale, servt. to George Robinson, Nether Coniscliffe.
    Oct. 23. Thomas Birket, Ulnabie.
    Nov. 2. Thomas, s. John Christopher.
    Mar. 9. Margaret Worthy, widow.
    Mar 15. John, s. George Iddison.

    April 12. Wm. Welforth, Upp Coniscliffe.
    April 25. Wm., s. Margaret Bygod, widow."