Jonathan O'Neill1

b. 3 February 1902, d. between April 1960 and June 1960

Family: Jonathan O'Neill and Annie Louisa Wright


  1. [S224] Marriage Certificate, Parish Church of St. Thomas, Wavertree, Lancashire. Register of Marriages. Page 82.
    1929. Marriage solemnized at St. Thomas' Church in the Parish St. Thomas, Wavertree in the County of Lancaster. No. 163.
    Marriage date: 30th March 1929
    Groom's name: Jonathan O'Neill
    Age: 27
    Condition: bachelor
    Profession: Shipsmith
    Residence: 28 Thomas Street, Gorse Hill, Manchester
    Groom's father's name: Thomas Richard Hill O'Neill
    Profession: Shipsmith
    Bride's name: Annie Louise Wright
    Age: 21
    Condition: Spinster
    Profession: -
    Residence: 27 Kempton Road
    Bride's Father's name: Herbert Stuart Wright
    Profession: Warehouseman
    Witnessed by: Thomas Arthur Henry Wright & Jennie Williams
    Ceremony performed by: A. A. Desmond Shaw, Vicar.
  2. [S144] Unknown volume, Parish Baptism Record: Baptisms solemnized in the Parish Church of St. Peter, Liverpool, in the County of Lancaster in the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Two. Page no. 220.
    When baptized: 5 March 1902
    Child's Christian Name: Jonathan
    Parents Names: Thomas & Mary O'Neill
    Abode: Mill Street
    Trade: Shipsmith
    Ceremony performed by: T. S. Boulton, Curate.
    When born: 3 Feb 1902, unknown repository.
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  4. [S191] 29 September 1939 Web,, 28 Thomas Street, Stretford, Manchester. Schedule no. 208.
    1. Thomas O'Niell, male, born 18 Apr 1894, single, Newsagent.
    2. Jonathan O'Niel, male, born 3 Feb 1902, married, Oxy Acetylene Cutter HW.
    3. Florence O'Niel, female, 2 Feb 1897, single, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
  5. [S84] 2 April 1911 Web,, 386a Mill Street, Dingle, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. 5 rooms in the dwelling. Schedule no. 5.
    1. Thomas O'Neill, head, male, age 42, married, Ship Smith, Engineering works, worker, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    2. Mary O'Neill, wife, female, age 42, married for 20 years, 5 children born alive, 5 children still living, born in Toxteth Liverpool.
    3. Lily O'Neill, daughter, female, age 18, single, Laundress, Steam Laundry, Worker, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    4. Thomas O'Neill, son, male, age 16, single, Apprentice Smith, Engineering Works, Worker, born in Everton, Liverpool.
    5. Florence O'Neill, daughter, female, age 14, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    6. Jonathan O'Neill, son, male, age 9, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    7. Samson O'Neill, son, male, age 5, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
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