Thomas O'Neill1

b. 18 April 1894


  1. [S84] 2 April 1911 Web,, 386a Mill Street, Dingle, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. 5 rooms in the dwelling. Schedule no. 5.
    1. Thomas O'Neill, head, male, age 42, married, Ship Smith, Engineering works, worker, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    2. Mary O'Neill, wife, female, age 42, married for 20 years, 5 children born alive, 5 children still living, born in Toxteth Liverpool.
    3. Lily O'Neill, daughter, female, age 18, single, Laundress, Steam Laundry, Worker, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    4. Thomas O'Neill, son, male, age 16, single, Apprentice Smith, Engineering Works, Worker, born in Everton, Liverpool.
    5. Florence O'Neill, daughter, female, age 14, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    6. Jonathan O'Neill, son, male, age 9, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
    7. Samson O'Neill, son, male, age 5, born in Toxteth, Liverpool.
  2. [S191] 29 September 1939 Web,, 28 Thomas Street, Stretford, Manchester. Schedule no. 208.
    1. Thomas O'Niell, male, born 18 Apr 1894, single, Newsagent.
    2. Jonathan O'Niel, male, born 3 Feb 1902, married, Oxy Acetylene Cutter HW.
    3. Florence O'Niel, female, 2 Feb 1897, single, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
  3. [S25] 31 March 1901 Web,, unknown record info, 384a Mill Street, Dingle, Parish of St. Cleopas, Liverpool. Schedule no. 97.
    Thomas O'Neill, head, married, male, age 31, Shipsmith, Worker, born in Liverpool, Lancashire.
    Mary O'Neill, wife, married, female, age 31, born in Liverpool, Lancashire.
    Lilly O'Neill, daughter, female, age 8, born in Liverpool, Lancashire.
    Thomas O'Neill, son, male, age 6, born in Liverpool, Lancashire.
    Florence O'Neill, daughter, female, age 4, born in Liverpool, Lancashire.