Amy Rose Iddison1,2

b. between July 1880 and September 1880, d. between 4 April 1881 and June 1881


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    Schedule No.51, 284 Oldham Road, Moston, Newton Heath, Manchester.
    Henry T.M. Iddison, head of family, married, male, age 25, mason, born in Bedale, Yorkshire.
    Rose A.M. Iddison, wife, married, female, age 32, born in Ireland.
    Charles E. Iddison, son, male, age 4, born in Richmond, Yorkshire.
    Amy R. Iddison, daughter, female, age 8 months, born in Newton, Lancaster.
    James Cochrane, father-in-law, married, male, age 63, retired captain late of H.M. Army Service, born in Bombay, India, British Subject.
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