Hannah (?)1

b. between 8 April 1837 and 7 April 1838

Family: Hannah (?) and Robert Iddison


  1. [S81] Online for England (online image) "John Simpson, head of family, married, male, aged 56, farmer of 74 acres, born in Chester le Street, Durham.
    Jane Simpson, wife, married, female, aged 54, farmers wife, born in Westerdale, Yorkshire.
    Jane Simpson, daughter, unmarried, female, aged 17, farmers daughter, born in Broughton, Yorkshire.
    Hane Hugill, mother, widow, female, aged 84, retired farmers widow, born in Westerdale, Yorkshire.
    Robert Wood, servant, unmarried, male, aged 28, carter, born in Brompton, Yorkshire.
    Wm Thirkell, servant, unmarried, male, aged 13, groom, born in Ingleby Cross, Yorkshire.
    John Bearcroft, labourer, widower, male, aged 63, farm labourer, born in Kirby Moorside, Yorkshire.
    Elizth Calvert, servant, unmarried, female, aged 18, house servant, born in Swainby, Yorkshire.
    Robert Iddison, visitor, married, male, aged 26, farmer of 84 acres, born in Bishop Monkton, Yorkshire.
    Hannah Iddison, married, female, aged 23, farmers wife, born in Sutton, Yorkshire."