Dora Iddeson

b. 19 December 1901
  • Birth*: Dora Iddeson was born on 19 December 1901 at Fylde, Lancashire.1,2
  • (step-daughter) Census1911: She appeared in the household of George Ashworth and Elizabeth Whiteside as the step-daughter of George Ashworth in the 1911 census at 40, Oxford Road, Blackpool, LancashireG.3
  • Married Name: As of between April 1934 and June 1934,her married name was Rider.4
  • Marriage*: Dora Iddeson married Clifford Rider between April 1934 and June 1934 at Fylde, Lancashire.4
  • 1939 Register*: Dora Iddeson and Clifford Rider appeared in the 1939 Register at 314 Lytham Road, Blackpool, LancashireG.2

Family: Dora Iddeson and Clifford Rider


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    1. Clifford Rider, male, born 6 July 1904, married, musician (drummer).
    2. Dora Rider, female, born 19 Dec 1901, married, (Housewife) Unpaid Domestic Duties.
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    Dora Iddeson, step-daughter, female aged 9, born in Blackpool, Lancashire.
    Lawrence Sterling Iddeson, step-son, male aged 7, born in Blackpool, Lancashire.
    5 rooms in the dwelling.
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