Walter James Iddison1,2

b. between July 1883 and September 1883, d. 5 June 1917


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    Charles E. Iddison, son, male, aged 14, Commercial Clerk, born in Richmond, Yorkshire.
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    Mary A. Ramsay, boarder, single, aged 67, living on her own means, born in Haslingdon, Lancashire."
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    Charles Henry Watson, son, age 5, at school, born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland.
    Rose Annie Watson, daughter, age 4, born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland.
    Christopher Iddison Watson, son, age 2, born in Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland.
    Walter James Iddison, boarder, age 27, single, a bricklayer working for a builder, born in Manchester, Lancashire.
    2 rooms in the dwelling.
  9. [S181] Unknown author, 'unknown short article title', "Dundee Evening Telegraph, 24 April 1914, Page 1, Column 4.
    HOUSEBREAKERS ARE SENTENCED - At Dundee Sheriffs Court
    Two audacious housebreakers were sentenced at Dundee Sheriff Court this afternoon.
    They will Walter James Iddison, bricklayer and Wm. Johnstone ,flower-seller, both of 96 Overgate, and they pleaded guilty to having broken into a house at 26, Dudhope Street and stolen a large number of articles including clothing, cutlery, and an alarm clock. While in the house they also broke into a gas meter and stole 8s.
    The wife of Johnstone was also charged, but she pleaded not guilty and the Fiscal withdrew the charge. As she left the dock she warmly shook hands with both men.
    The Procurator-Fiscal explained that the house into which the accused broke was that of Henry Iddison, mason father of one of the accused. The household was living in Alyth, and the house was locked up. The accused carried away a great deal - in fact, they nearly emptied the house. The stolen articles were pawned, and only a few had been recovered. Entrance was obtained by means of a false key.
    Iddison, who explained to Hon. Sheriff-Substitute J.M. Gray that he had been drinking, was sentenced to thirty days' imprisonment, and Johnstone, against whom there were two previous convictions were sent to prison for forty days.
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