Emily Brown1

b. between 1 July 1865 and 3 September 1865


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  2. [S144] Unknown volume, Parish Baptism Record: Emily Brown of Bicton, daughter of William (a gardener) and Eliza Brown was baptised on 3rd September 1865 in the Parish of St. Chad Shrewsbury in the County of Salop (at Bicton) by W. Sandford, Incumbent., unknown repository.
  3. [S22] FreeBMD database, online http://www.freebmd.org.uk, Emily Brown was born between July and September 1865 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.. Jul-Sep 1865 Shrewsbury 6a 642.
  4. [S70] 1871 Microfilm, unknown location, unknown record info, William Brown, Head of Household, married, male aged 48, Gardener, born in Market Drayton, Salop.
    Elizabeth Brown, wife, married, female aged 39, born in Ruyton 11 Towns, Salop.
    William Brown, son, male aged 14, gardener, born in Brewood, Salop.
    Joseph Brown, son, male aged 12, scholar, born in Shrewsbury.
    David Brown, son, male aged 10, born in Shrewsbury.
    Annie Brown, daughter, female aged 7, born in Shrewsbury.
    Emily Brown, daughter, female aged 5, born in Shrewsbury.
    Agnes Brown, daughter, female aged 2, born in Ellesmere, Salop.
    Henry Brown, son, male aged 4 months, born in Oswestry, Salop.
    Robert Brown, son, male aged 17, a railway porter, born in Market Drayton, Salop.
  5. [S27] 1881 Transcribed Census Data, Online, Searchable Census.
    Richard Darlington, head of household, married, male, age 53, a farmer of 215 acres employing 5 labourers, born in Wem, Shropshire.
    Emma Darlington, wife, married, female, age 32, born in Whitchurch, Shropshire.
    Caroline Darlington, daughter, female, age 11, born in Whitchurch Shropshire.
    Thomas Darlington, son, male, age 10, born in Whitchurch, Shropshire.
    Richard Darlington, son, male, age 6, born in Oswestry, Shropshire.
    William Darlington, son, male, age 2, born in Oswestry, Shropshire.
    Mary Picken, servant, unmarried, female, age 22, a private teacher, born in Newport, Shropshire.
    Mary Mason, servant, unmarried, female, age 24, a dairymaid, born n Wellington, Shropshire.
    Emily Brown, servant, unmarried, female, age 15, a general servant, born in Bicton, Shropshire.
    Ann Clark, servant, unmarried, female, age 12, a domestic servant, born in Oswestry, Shropshire.
    John Gallant, servant, unmarried, male, age 55, an Ag Lab Waggoner, born in Nesscliff, Shropshire.
    Hirum Durnal, servant, unmarried, male, age 16, an indoor farm servant, born in Frodesley, Shropshire.