Susannah (?)1

b. between 1805 and 1806
  • Birth*: Susannah (?) was born between 1805 and 1806 at Durham, Durham.1
  • Marriage*: She married James Seton after 1822.1
  • Married Name: As of after 1822,her married name was Seton.1
  • (Member of Household) Census 41: He was listed as a member of the household of James Seton in the 1841 census at Union Street, Darlington, Durham.2

Children of Susannah (?) and James Seton


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  2. [S95] Unknown census type for unknown census place (online image) "James Seton, m, age 45, born in Scotland.
    Susannah Seton, f, age 35, born in Durham.
    Jessee Stocks, m, age 18, born in Durham.
    Sarah Seton, f, age 15, born in Durham.
    William Seton, m, age 10, born in Durham.
    Marie Seton, f, age 10, born in Durham.
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