Elizabeth Ellen Iddeson1

b. between April 1874 and June 1874
  • Birth*: Elizabeth Ellen Iddeson was born between April 1874 and June 1874 at Darlington, Durham.1,2
  • Name Variation: As of between April 1874 and June 1874, Elizabeth Ellen Iddeson was also known as Iddison.2
  • Occupation*: She was a Cardroom Hand in December 1894.3
  • Address*: As of before 8 December 1894, Elizabeth Ellen Iddeson lived at 33 Caroline Street, Oldham, Lancashire.3
  • Married Name: As of 8 December 1894,her married name was Aston.1
  • (Bride) Marriage*: She married William Aston, son of William Aston, on 8 December 1894 at Holy Trinity, Coldhurst, Oldham, Lancashire.1,4,3
  • (Wife) Census1911*: Elizabeth Ellen Iddeson and William Aston appeared in the 1911 census at 8 Clarendon Street, Busk Road, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire.5

Children of Elizabeth Ellen Iddeson and William Aston


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