Ellen Alice Iddeson1

b. between October 1895 and December 1895


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    Ellen A. Iddeson, daughter, single, female, age 5, born in Ampthill, Bedfordhire.
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    Willie Williams, son, male, age 10, born in West Kensington.
    Jack Williams, son, male, age 7, born in West Kensington.
    Stanley Williams, son, male, age 4, born in West Norwood.
    Leslie Williams, son, male, age 2, born in Kew Gardens.
    Lottie Iddison, sister-in-law, female, age 39, widow, married for 17 years, 1 child born alive, 1 child still living, waitress, born in Hammersmith.
    Nellie Iddison, niece, female, age 15, single, born in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.
    5 rooms in the dwelling.