George Frederick Thom

b. 21 November 1862, d. 30 March 1925

Children of George Frederick Thom and Margaret Jane McInnes

Family: George Frederick Thom and Elizabeth (?)


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    Roger Iddison, head, married, male, age 36, manure agent, born in Bedale, Yorkshire.
    Elizabeth Iddison, wife, female, age 36, born in Leeming, Yorkshire.
    Elizabeth J. Iddison, daughter, unmarried, female, age 13, born in West Hartlepool, Durham.
    Frederick G. Tom, nephew, unmarried, male, age 8, born in St. George's, London, Surrey.
    Emma Rankin, servant, unmarried, female, age 17, general servant, born in St. Olave's, York.
  2. [S27] 1881 Transcribed Census Data, Online, Searchable Census.
    Schedule No. 121. 4 Portland Street, St. Olave, York.
    Roger Iddison, head, married, male, aged 46, an auctioneer & valuer and cricketers outfitter, born in Bedale, Yorkshire.
    Elizabeth Iddison, wife, married, female, aged 46, born in Leeming, Yorkshire.
    Hannah Harrison, aunt, widow, female, aged 76, a farmer's widow retired, born in Bedale, Yorkshire.
    Geo. F. Thom, wife's nephew, single, male, aged 18, a house painter apprentice, born in Southwark, Surrey.
    Harriet Ashton, servant, female, aged 23, a general servant domestic, born in Huntingdon, Yorkshire.
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  4. [S184] Copy marriage certificate of John McInnes and Ellen Menzies, 14 November 1888 "1888. Marriage solemnized at St. Nicholas Church in the Parish of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster.
    No. 246. On 14 November 1888:
    John McInnes, bachelor, age 25 years, engineer, residing at 37 Batchelor Street, father: William McInnes (deceased), shoemaker.
    Ellen Menzies, spinster, age 20 years, residing at 37 Batchelor Street, father: John Menzies, Brassfinisher.
    Married in the Church of St. Nicholas according to the rites and ceremonies of the established Church, aftre Banns by me John Franxis, Curate.
    In the presnece of Frederick George Thom and Emma Bell.

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    Marg't Iddison, wife, married, aged 40, a laundress, worker, born in Kercubright.
    Fred'k Iddison, son, single, aged 6, born in Birkdale, Lancashire.
    Amy Iddison, daughter, single, aged 4, born in Birkdale, Lancashire.
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    Elizabeth Iddison, wife, aged 33, married for 5 years, 2 children born alive, 2 children still living, a laundress, born in Southport, Lancashire.
    Frederick Iddison, son, aged 17, single, a labourer for a dry fruit warehouse, born in Southport, Lancashire.
    John Killey, boarder, aged 34, married, a seaman AB for a merchant steamship, born in Douglas, Isle of Man.
    There are 4 rooms in the dwelling.
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