John Iddison1

b. between 6 April 1865 and 5 April 1866


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  2. [S82] Online for UK (online image) "Ann Fall, head of household, single, female, aged 50, farmer, born in Mire Barf, Yorkshire.
    Jane Greaves, sister, widow, female, aged 46, farmer's sister, born in Mire Barf, Yorkshire.
    William Greaves, nephew, single, male, aged 22, chemical analyst, born in Clotherholme, Yorkshire.
    Maria Margaret Greaves, niece, single, female, aged 19, farmer's niece, born in Clotherholme, Yorkshire.
    John Robert Winn, servant, single, male, aged 38, farm manager, born in Marriforth, Yorkshire.
    John Iddison, servant, single, male, aged 25, farm labourer, born in Melmerby, Yorkshire.
    James Blakeborough, servant, single, male, aged 19, farm labourer, born in Burrill, Yorkshire.
    Robert Clapham, servant, single, male, aged 14, farm labourer, born in Thrintoft, Yorkshire."