Mary Iddison1

b. between July 1852 and September 1852
  • Father*: George Iddison1 b. bt 8 Apr 1806 - 7 Apr 1807, d. bt Oct 1868 - Dec 1868
  • Mother*: Sarah Ann Umpleby1 b. bt 8 Apr 1817 - 7 Apr 1818, d. bt Apr 1880 - Jun 1880


  1. [S81] Online for England (online image) "George Iddison, head of family, male, married, aged 54, Gardener, born in Lanton, Yorkshire.
    Sarah Iddison, wife, married, female, aged 43, born in Leathley, Yorkshire.
    George Iddison, son, unmarried, male, aged 18, Forge Hammerman, born in Armley, Yorkshire.
    Sarah Iddison, daughter, unmarried, female, aged 16, Servant, born in Armley, Yorkshire.
    Martha Iddison, daughter, female, aged 13, Condenser Minder/ Woolen Cloth, born in Armley, Yorkshire.
    Ann Iddison, daughter, female, aged 11, Scholar, born in Armley, Yorkshire.
    Mary Iddison, daughter, female, aged 8, Scholar, born in Armley, Yorkshire.
    Maria Iddison, daughter, female, aged 5, Scholar, born in Burley, Yorkshire."
  2. [S22] FreeBMD database, online, Mary Iddison born between July and September 1852 registered in Hunslet, Yorkshire.. Birth Sep 1852 Hunslet 9b 218.