Mary Ann Addison1

b. between October 1859 and December 1859
  • Birth*: Mary Ann Addison was born between October 1859 and December 1859 at Askrigg, Yorkshire.1
  • (Daughter) Census1861: They was listed as the daughter of James Addison in the 1861 census at West Mill, Askrigg, Yorkshire.1


  1. [S81] Online for England (online image) "James Addison, head of family, married, mle, aged 52, corn miller, born in Askrigg, Yorkshire.
    Rose Mary Addison, wife, married, female, aged 37, born in Bainbridge, yorkshire.
    Margt Rose Addison, daughter, female, aged 3, born in Askrigg, Yorkshire.
    Mary Ann Addison, daughter, female, aged 1, born in Askrigg, Yorkshire.
    Elizabeth Addison, daughter, female, aged 1 month, born in Askrigg, Yorkshire.
    Alexander Tiplady, servant, male, aged 16, carter, born in Askrigg, Yorkshire.
    Isabell Batty, servant, female, aged 18, dairy maid, born in Redmill (?). Yorkshire."
  2. [S22] FreeBMD database, online, Mary Ann Addison born between October and December 1859. Registered in Askrigg, Yorkshire.. B: Askrigg 9d 462.