Thomas Fallas1

b. before 1827
  • Birth*: Thomas Fallas was born before 1827.1

Child of Thomas Fallas


  1. [S166] Copy marriage certificate of James Fallas and Hannah Iddison, 7 May 1861 "Marriage solemnized in the Register Office in the district of Wakefield in the County of York.
    Seventh May 1861, James Fallas, age 24 years, Bachelor, Profession: cloth weaver, Residence: Northgate Wakefield, Father: Thomas Fallas, cloth weaver; Hannah Iddison, age 19 years, spinster, Profession: matmaker, Residence: Northgate Wakefield, Father: Robert Iddison, tailor and draper.
    Married in the Register Office before John Whitaker, Registrar, W. Stewart, Superintendent Registrar, and in the presence of John Iddison and Elizabeth Taylor."