Eliza Iddison1

b. between 3 April 1855 and 2 April 1856


  1. [S70] 1871 Microfilm, unknown location, unknown record info, Schedule no. 28, 7 British School Yard, Trinity, Darlington.
    Robert Moses, head of family, married, male, age 47, Brickmaker, born in Gilling, Yorkshire.
    Ann Moses, wife, married, female, age 57, born in Grimston, Yorkshire.
    Thomas Dale Moses, son, unmarried, male, age 16, Bricklayer, born in Darlington, Durham.
    John Moses, son, unmarried, male, age 15, Pupil Teacher, born in Darlington, Durham.
    Elizabeth Moses, sister-in-law, unmarried, female, age 70, late Lodging Ho. Keeper, born in Stockton, Durham.
    William Hurworth, boarder,unmarried, male, age 23, Stone Mason, born in Darlington, Durham.
    Elizza Iddison, servant, unmarried, female, age 15, General Serv., born in Darlington, Durham.